Grievance Policy

Our Grievance Policy is made to solve all customer complains in a systematic and timely manner. We aim to provide quick redressal of customer grievances. Also, we provide refund in case of no solution.

Raise The Grievance
The subscribers can raise grievances through the following modes:

Email: The subscriber may write us at

We will send a return email as acknowledgment and also provide best solution for your grievance.

The resolution time shall not exceed 7 days from the date of the receipt of the complaint.

Closure Of Grievance:
A complaint shall be considered as disposed of and closed when

(a) the company has acceded to the request of the complainant fully.

(b) where the complainant has indicated in writing, agreed to the resolution of the Company

(c) where the complainant has not responded within 8 weeks of the company’s written response email.

(d) If the company has certified that it has discharged its contractual, statutory and regulatory obligations and therefore closes the complaint.

Record Keeping:
All the records shall be maintained for a minimum period of 1 years from the date of resolution.

Review Of Policy:
We may review considering the following:

  1. Internal factors in organisational structure or products/services offered.
  2. External factors such as updates in legislation or new technology.
  3. Due to audit results of the company.